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Car light shopping tips

Automobile lamps and lanterns are mainly made up of three parts: with light, light, and light bulbs. And the design of the light distribution mirror, the design of the mirror and the rationality of the two party and the position of the lamp filament are the key factors to affect the product quality. Don't just look at the products on the market price of automobile's lamps and lanterns from ten dollars to hundreds of dollars, uneven quality; and supporting the price of lamps and lanterns basically in dozens of yuan, is generally not in the auto parts market circulation.

Consumers in the purchase of products not only focus on product prices. Buy well-known manufacturers of products consumers should give priority to the use of well-known enterprises in the production of automotive lamps product, lighting can choose Philips, OSRAM and other large formal lighting manufacturers products, do not buy three products. Carefully view the certificate in addition to view the product certificate, you can also view products production enterprise name, address, telephone number, check the implementation of standard products. For simple visual automotive lamps product appearance shall be free of defects, feel smooth, without burr; lighting should be as stipulated by national automotive products lighting; for automobile front light products, consumers in the purchase can the shape of the light brightness show off line is clear and neat.


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