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LG display company will be the car OLED lighting as the next growth

LG display company said in December 15th, with the acquisition of OLED lighting business after the end of the LG display company will start this business in December 16th. LG monitor the same day to buy the LG chemical OLED lighting branch business, and completed the patent, human resources and South Korea Ochang plant transfer procedures.
Since then, LG chemistry in the operating OLED three years later, the OLED panel business to the LG display company. OLED as a TV show material started in 2012. Allegedly, the group also believes that the LG display company to play OLED lighting business will be more effective. LG chemistry is mainly focused on petrochemical and storage batteries.
LG display company will expand its previous business scope, not only for the TV and mobile products to provide OLED panel components will also enter the lighting industry, to create synergies, and strengthen the overall solution of OLED.


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