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The automobile bend lighting system with LED headlights

The headlights of the lights are only along a straight line propagation. So in the evening when the car, once the car turn, corner inside will appear large area of visual field. This is very dangerous when you run a mountain road, or a large arc of the viaduct! Therefore, the major automobile manufacturers have invented a variety of curved lighting system, greatly improving the safety of night driving.
Today's bend lighting system, although it is still not high enough for daily configuration of ESP, but it has appeared in many of the high-end models in the configuration of the single. According to the principle of different, high cost, bend lighting system also has different types. Concrete can be divided into two kinds, one is static, the other is dynamic.
Static auxiliary lighting system
Principle is very simple, is in front of the front side of a multi - lighting LED lamp. This kind of system has two common forms. One is to install a (LED) lighting in the headlight, another is rely on the existing lamps (fog lights, side marker lights, etc.) for auxiliary lighting. In fact, the principle is the same, as long as the steering wheel to a certain angle, you can automatically open the corresponding direction (LED) lamps or fog lamps (sidelight) given to fill.
Static lighting is easy to achieve, as long as the change of a light control program can be, so the cost is low and easy to popularize. However, this kind of system of auxiliary lighting is generally close to the light, only enough to illuminate a small area of the corner area. So at night at low speed and in place to turn more useful, the speed of the light is not enough.


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