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Don't neglect the maintenance of car lighting

The quality of automobile lighting directly affects the traffic safety, so the vehicle lighting equipment maintenance is particularly important, and the car lamps how to maintain, repair should pay attention to what problems, you may not understand the details of the. Under the advice of professionals, teach me how to make the car lamp good and bright.
Eye is the heart of the window of the car lights maintenance do not neglect
The light bulb to cooperate with the model is easy to lead to dangerous
"Car light bulb is not the more expensive the better, must choose the type that suits own vehicle." Chengdu Jinxin auto repair master Zhao said that the choice of automotive lighting in addition to the model, but also to select excellent quality products, to achieve good light distribution, highlighting and seal, so as to ensure driving safer.
Bulb for two years to overhaul the aging need to be replaced in time
"Generally speaking, traveling 50 thousand kilometers or 2 years or so, it is recommended to detect a light bulb brightness." Zhao Master said, if the light bulb needs to be replaced, the best on both sides at the same time to replace, so as not to change the side of the two sides caused by different brightness, resulting in the driver's sight is affected. At the same time, the aging of the lamp will affect the brightness of the light, and even make the light fuzzy, seriously affect the lighting effect, easy to trigger a safety accident, so if the lamp shades appear aging or damaged, it should be replaced in time.
The lamp is not difficult to be self modification of xenon lamp
Maintenance master said that the simple maintenance of the car tail light is relatively simple, the general owners can own their own, to close the vehicle power, remove the dust board clean and tidy, if there is damage to the light bulb will be damaged to reset the dust on the line." And headlight adjustment and replacement of the best professional stores or brand 4S shop to deal with. At the same time, Zhao chef also reminded like headlight of a friend, modified xenon lamp brightness is three times the general halogen lighting, could easily lead to the blind area in nearby vehicles and pedestrians, causing traffic accidents, therefore modification must be careful.


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